Saturday, December 6
I thought this was legit, I'm such a noob. dead

Sunday, November 30
It's been so long since I've actually posted here and I feel bad for being so neglectful. I have nothing new to report other than I'm still struggling to fall asleep and my insomnia is fast approaching the chronic stage.

My gp doesn't want me on medication yet, he said it was gong to be the last option since it's so addictive and seeing how I still can't control my chocolate urges he joked I'll probably get hooked on. I pretty much thought it was a bad joke and I reckon he shouldn't try to make any jokes again, there weren't very funny.

Isn't this the coolest thing ever? I saw it on tumblr and I tracked it down. Think about how much entertainment it'll provide me. I'll probably spend an hour or more trying to grab a snack and wouldn't notice how fast time passes by. It reminded me of the Hello Kitty candy stand I got from Jap class. It was a cool little thing, popping out candy whenever I pulled the lever. I think I lost it since I can't find it anywhere in my room :(


Saturday, May 17
This week had been nothing but unbearable for me. It's partly due to stress, upcoming exams and news that broke a lot of people's hearts. For many of them, May 15th would be unforgettable and without a doubt painful.

I gave up believing groundless rumors and joining in on internal fan wars because it's stupid and pointless. I've been reading a book called the 'Art of War' and it's written by a well respected war general and strategist. While it had been written a long time ago for the purpose of warfare, these days his teachings can be applied to various disciplines and not restricted to the very act of war itself.

The chapters cover many aspects of war, from laying down plans and to choosing the right moment to strike. What has this got to do with Kris's lawsuit you might ask? Well, when I browse through social media, I've noticed the fandom has basically torn itself into two sides.


Tuesday, April 15
Oh gosh it's been such a long time since my last post. Ever since uni started, I've only been focused on my studies and everything else just slipped my mind. I just decided to write a little post fangirling over Akdong's debut album as i've been a fan of them since their KPS days and EXO's Overdose MV is due to come out today

Moving on, Akdong's music is kinda my style, they're sitting comfortably between K-indie and pop, with witty lyrics and nice tunes to hum to. I really liked their debut album and I want to give YG a pat on the back for the MVs.